Dental Care for Children

Good dental care is an essential part of healthy living for everyone, but our kids' dental care depends so much on parents and guardians, as well as their Dentist. The foundation of good dental care is prevention.

Starting right from the beginning, when baby’s first teeth appear, this is when we would like to first see your child. Early visits to the Dentist also get kids used to having their teeth checked, avoiding the stress of introducing clinical care when they are older, when they might be a lot more resistant to the idea.

Preparing your childs first visit

When preparing your child for a visit, especially the first time, keep things simple.

  • · Try not to include too many details or big words that may cause unnecessary anxiety.
  • · Keep a positive attitude, and use positive phrases to make the visit seem fun, not scary.
  • · Tell your child that the Dentist is going to check their smile and count their teeth.
  • · Play pretend with your child, and let them be the dentist AND the patient - all you'll need is a toothbrush, a stuffed toy or doll, and even a mirror – make it fun!
  • · It’s very normal for a young child to cry or wiggle about, and not want to be examined by a stranger, so don’t worry.
  • · After the visit is over, praise your child for their good behaviour and bravery!

The Tooth Passport

Children visiting Darling Dental will get their very own Tooth Passport!

The kids will have their picture taken in the dentist chair, and the Passport offers a variety of activities!
It also keeps track of your previous appointments and tooth progress history.

Book an appointment with us today to receive your very own Tooth Passport!

At Darling Dental, we can help to solve any of the numerous problems that can trouble a child from teething to the tweens, and there are different problems for different age groups.

For our 0 to 3’s, usually by the first birthday the first tooth appears, and by three all the 20 baby teeth should be erupted. Baby teeth are important for eating well, jaw growth, speech, appearance, and most importantly to keep the spacing for their adult teeth.

Tooth decay can as soon as the front tooth erupts. Our children need to be taught the right way to brush teeth and maintain oral health from a very early age.

Baby teeth start falling out and being replaced with adult teeth in the 5 to 12 year age group, so a lot more care needs to be taken as these are the child’s permanent teeth, and have to last them the rest of their lives.

Indentifying problems early

Kid’s dental care requires special skills and experience, and at Darling Dental our trained, highly experienced team will be able to assist with all of your kids’ dentistry needs. If your child has had the following symptoms or habits, we invite you to discuss the possible causes and treatments available with your Dentist:

  • · Crooked teeth, or teeth not meeting in the front
  • · Teeth grinding, worn down teeth or headaches
  • · Snoring, breathing problems or recurring ear infections
  • · Thumb sucking or using a pacifier or dummy

Proper brushing is essential to maintaining great oral health, and we should teach our kids good technique, and make brushing a family affair. Young children, who do not yet have good coordination, need your help with brushing.

Brushing should be done first thing in the morning and at bedtime, and only requires a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. Teach them to brush along the gum line and all surfaces using a small circular motion, and build the teeth-brushing time up to the recommended two minutes.

Whilst brushing and a good diet are most important for your child’s dental health, we do recommend flossing for children who continue to get decay after preventative measures have not worked, but if there are spaces in between your child’s teeth, there is no need to floss until they get their adult teeth.

The growth, development and health of our children are known to be directly linked to their dental health, so it is essential to be alert right from the time baby’s first tooth appears, and it is important to take your children to the Dentist for regular check-ups. Regular visits can prevent tooth decay or catch problems in their early stages so early intervention can take place.

Darling Dental is all about creating and maintaining beautiful smiles – lets talk.