Its Nearly Mouth Guard Season

Feb 6, 2021

ITS NEARLY MOUTH GUARD SEASON and we have you covered when it comes to a custom-made mouth guard!!

Our custom-made mouthguards give you proven state of the art protection to reduce the risk of injury and provide the comfort to allow you to perform confidently at your peak performance. A custom-made mouthguard fits exactly onto the teeth, does not move, and allows you to breathe freely, speak relatively(!) normally, and for all concentration to be sport centred.

Sport is an important part of keeping fit and socialising with others for both children and adults. To protect your teeth, we recommend that anyone playing contact sports has a custom-made mouthguard.
Our laboratories produce high quality, comfortable and durable mouthguards that will ensure your teeth remain protected no matter what happens, and we have a wide range of colours for you to choose from. We also add your name to your custom-made mouth guard for easy identification.

A wide range of custom-made Mouthguards are available for various sports such as AFL, Basketball, Boxing, Karate, Hockey, Netball, Roller Derby, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Soccer, Soft ball, Baseball and Water Polo.
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