Nursing Home Visits

More aged care residents have their natural teeth, and the onset of major oral health problems can take place well before an older person moves into residential aged care, with changes due to medication causing dryness in the mouth.

With the understanding that oral diseases and conditions can have social impacts on quality of life, especially for the elderly, Darling Dental is pleased to offer mobile dental care for aged care residents.

Comfort, eating, pain and appearance are all related to dental status, and older adults need to feel that they can eat and talk comfortably, feel happy with their appearance, to stay pain free, to maintain self-esteem, and habits and standards of care that they have had throughout their lives.

As residents become more frail and dependent, they are at high risk of their oral health worsening in a relatively short time if their daily oral hygiene is not maintained adequately, and a simple protective oral health care regimen will maintain good oral health.

We offer general dental care to aged care residents at their care facility, including:

  • · General examination
  • · Scale and clean
  • · Simple extractions and fillings
  • · Advice on general oral care

For more complex requirements, arrangements will need to be made to visit our surgery.