Anxious Patients

The team at Darling Dental have helped thousands of nervous patients overcome their dental anxiety through recognition and diagnosis, and patience and empathy, here our some of our common concerns and tips to help;

Anxiety About Cost

Our dentists will always explain any fees involved before starting treatment. If you are concerned about the fees express this to your dentist as there may be another alternative for you.

Bad experience in the past

It’s a little like the saying “when you fall off the horse you need to get back on”. Dentistry has changed so much over the years and has improved in huge ways. We are always here to assist your every need to make sure your visit is as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Embarrassed about your oral health

Have you not been to the dentist for 10 years and you are concerned about what the dentist will think of your teeth? We have seen it all before; Don’t be concerned about the state of your oral health as we are here to improve this for you!

Don’t like the sounds of the dental surgery

If you do not like the sounds of dental equipment, bring your earphones and iPod, and listen to your own music to distract you from the noises. Our dentists are more than happy for you to listen away to your music during your treatment. All our rooms have access to music, and we would love for you to request your style of music to play during your appointment if it will help you to feel more comfortable.

Fear of pain, complex dental problems, extremely sensitive teeth, or a traumatic dental history are all major reasons why some patients avoid visiting their dentist.

At Darling Dental, we understand these concerns and offer pain-relief and sedation dentistry options to help make our procedures comfortable for even the most anxious patients. This ensures that all our clients stay up to date with their dental assessments and receive the care they need to maintain optimal oral health.

Nitrous Oxide

Darling Dental does offer Nitrous oxide sedation, this is given in the dental chair to yourself or your child. You will breathe the sedation gas through a nosepiece that sits on your nose, It does not cover your mouth.

Nitrous oxide makes you feel sleepy and relaxed. You will still be aware of what is happening around you, but will feel dreamy and floaty, warm, and have tingling in your hands and feet. You may be a little forgetful, and might not be able to remember the procedure afterwards.
While giving the nitrous oxide, staff will monitor your level of sedation to ensure that you can still cooperate and follow verbal instructions.
The dental treatment will be carried out. Local anaesthesia injections may also be given so that you don’t feel pain. These can be given while you are sedated.

General Anaesthetic

General anaesthesia is a combination of medications that put you in a sleep-like state before a surgery or other medical procedure. Under general anaesthesia, you don't feel pain because you're completely unconscious. General anaesthesia usually uses a combination of intravenous drugs and inhaled gasses (anaesthetics). Darling Dental’s, Dr Paul Hagley operates from both Tamara Private Hospital and the Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital for General Anaesthetic procedures. For more information regarding having a general anaesthetic please contact our reception team.


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