Oral Surgery and Extractions
(with either Local or General Anaesthetic)

A tooth may need to be extracted if it becomes infected due to decay, being heavily restored, badly broken down or due to trauma.

Wisdom Teeth Removal:

The wisdom teeth can cause problems such as infection, impaction, crowding, cysts, and damage to nearby molars if left in the mouth, and our experienced dental surgeon can remove the third molars without any complications. A choice of local anaesthetic or general anaesthesia (at either Tamara Private Hospital or Tamworth Base Hospital) can be used.


Tooth Extractions:

In the case that a root canal fails, or if the tooth is already heavily infected, a tooth extraction oral surgery must be done in order to prevent the plaque from infecting nearby teeth.

What Happens at a consultation for oral surgery?

Before any type of oral surgery can be performed, an initial examination must be completed first. During this exam, x-rays of the mouth will be taken to determine any possible problems in the structure of your teeth or jaws, and your dentist will look over your dental records in order to check for the re-development of past complications.

Steps to Take At Home to Prepare for Oral Surgery

The two necessary steps you can take to prepare for your oral surgery and for post-operative care:

1. Avoid food, liquids and tobacco: If your oral surgery procedure involves general anaesthesia, then this step is a requirement - avoid all food and liquids for eight hours before your operation. You may have a light meal a few hours before your appointment only if local anaesthesia is used, and all tobacco products should be avoided twelve hours prior to and twenty-four hours after surgery.

2. Purchase soft foods: do this before any dental procedure because after an oral surgeon works on your mouth, it is likely that you will not be in the mood for shopping. Purchase foods that will be easy for you to chew, and avoiding buying any hard, chewy or spicy foods that may irritate surgical wounds.


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